Mastering Tableau: Comprehensive Data Visualization and Business Intelligence Course.

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  • 2 Months
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Tableau Course


Learn Tableau, the leading data visualization and business intelligence tool. This comprehensive course covers everything from the basics to advanced techniques. Master the art of transforming data into interactive visualizations and dashboards. Discover insights, make data-driven decisions, and enhance your analytical skills with Tableau.


  • Basic understanding of data concepts
  • Access to a computer with Tableau Desktop installed (free trial version available)
  • Eagerness to learn and explore data visualization techniques

What You'll Learn

  • Introduction to Tableau:
    • Understanding Tableau interface and terminology
    • Importing and connecting data sources
    • Navigating Tableau workbooks and sheets
  • Data Visualization Fundamentals:
    • Creating basic charts (bar, line, pie charts)
    • Using filters and parameters for interactive visualizations
    • Customizing colors, labels, and tooltips
  • Advanced Visualization Techniques:
    • Building dashboards for interactive data storytelling
    • Implementing advanced charts (treemaps, heat maps, box plots)
    • Incorporating interactivity with actions and highlighters
  • Data Preparation and Cleaning:
    • Cleaning and transforming data for analysis
    • Handling missing values and outliers
    • Merging and joining datasets
  • Advanced Analytics and Calculations:
    • Using calculated fields and table calculations
    • Implementing level of detail (LOD) expressions
    • Incorporating statistical functions and trend analysis
  • Collaboration and Sharing:
    • Publishing workbooks to Tableau Server or Tableau Online
    • Creating and managing user permissions
    • Collaborating with teams through Tableau Online features


This course includes:
  • Duration: 2 Months
  • 2 Real Time Projects
  • Complete course material
  • Certificate of completion
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